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I know I haven’t posted in more then 3 months now, but I’m going to go on a hiatus for the next few months for various different reasons, but I WILL be back and start posting again afterwards. I’m sorry to all the new followers who have never even seen me post anything new yet, I’ll post one last thing that has been sat in my drafts for a few months and then i’ll be mainly gone.

Anonymous asks: Based on Chapter 90, what did Kaito mean at the end of the chapter when he told Zero to "let that girl know"? I read another translation where it said "make that woman come to her senses". So I can't be sure whether Kaito meant for Yuki to get with it or for Zero to get his memories back and tell Yuki to stop what she's doing.

I’m not entirely sure really since for a while now I have been finding the new chapters rather hard to follow. I’ve looked around and read both of those versions now, and in both Kaito is definitely telling Zero to get his memories back.

The first time I read it was the version that said “let that girl know” and I didn’t really think it made much sense, but “make that woman come to her senses” makes much more sense to me.

Kaito then goes on to say something about proving that he wasn’t wrong, and one version says it being about him letting his hatred go, so I think possibly Kaito has let his hatred of Yuki (a vampire) go for zero’s sake, but at the moment he can tell that Yuki is not dealing with everything in the way that she should be in order for things to turn out better, and I really think that Kaito does not agree with Yuki erasing Zero’s memories.

Kaito knows that Zero is the only one that could have a chance at sorting Yuki out and putting her back on track I think so is like trying to tell Zero that he needs to go and make her realize that she isn’t going about things the best way. Either way I think it will take more then just telling Yuki to stop what she is doing.

Sorry it isn’t really a vary good answer, since I can’t really be certain myself of the exact meaning of everything happening at the moment, so I just tried to explain how I see it as most probably meaning.

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